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 Monday, May 19th Show Results

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Uncle Sam

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PostSubject: Monday, May 19th Show Results   Mon May 19, 2008 8:11 am

Doombrigner Vs. King of Flippy Flippies
The match is a draw due to interference. The DC make a statement.

WolfDog Vs. Eton
WolfDog wins by pinfall

The Priceless Artifact Vs. Thunderforce
The Priceless Artifact declared winner by pinfall, but decision reversed and Thunderforce declared the winner due to DQ.

AminRa Vs. Mongo
AminRa wins by pinfall and is declared the special referee for the match between Uncle Sam and Saalek.

Livin' on the Edge Championship Tournament Round 2 Rematch: Anubis Vs. Tom Hanson
Anubis wins by pinfall.

Livin' on the Edge Heavyweight Championship Tournament Round 2: Saalek Vs. Uncle Sam
AminRa hits Uncle Sam with a Solar Flair, and counts fast. Saalek wins by pinfall.

Imposter Vs. Titus Pullo
Titus Pullo wins by pinfall.

General Mayhem Vs. Timuu Rattakayinnen
Timuu wins by pinfall.

Livin' on the Edge Championship Tournament Finals: Anubis/Tom Hanson Vs. The Angel of Dead
The DC attempt to interfere, BfG comes out to stop them. Hell breaks loose and the match ends in a double count out.

Livin' on the Edge Heavyweight Championship Tournament Finals: Saalek/Uncle Sam Vs. Eix
Eix wins by pinfall and is declared the first Heavyweight Champion in Livin' on the Edge Wrestling!
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Monday, May 19th Show Results
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