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 Monday, June 2 2008 Show Results (Season 2 Opener)

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Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam

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PostSubject: Monday, June 2 2008 Show Results (Season 2 Opener)   Thu May 29, 2008 1:16 pm

Livin' on the Edge Championship Tournament Finals: Anubis Vs. The Angel of Dead
Anubis wins by submission and is the new Livin' on the Edge Champion.

Livin' on the Edge Tag Team Championship Tournament Announcement
Big Monsters Vs. Sharp Dressed Men
Legion of Chaos Vs. D3ath Squad
Team Nike Vs. Highway Forces
The Brotherhood of Light Vs. Bad Attitude Germany

Crazy Canadian Vs. cm punk 2
The match is a draw due to a double count out. cm punk 2 leaves LotE.

whosyourdady Uppertaker Vs. TDX
TDX wins by pinfall.

Blackmoon Vs. Black Spirit
Black Spirit wins by pinfall, attempts to kill Blackmoon, but Hades and Shadow arrive in time to stop things.

Mister Kennedy Vs. Doombrigner
Mister Kennedy wins by pinfall.

Imposter Vs. Eton
Eton wins by pinfall.

Papa Flopz Vs. Saalek
Papa Flopz wins by pinfall

Tom "Terrible" Hanson Vs. BIGbadGHOST
The match is a draw due to a double count out after BBG and TTH chase Muzza, who has the tape, backstage.

Eix Vs. Mongo
Eix wins by pinfall, retaining the title.

Uncle Sam Vs. AminRa
Uncle Sam wins by submission
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Monday, June 2 2008 Show Results (Season 2 Opener)
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