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 silly story-line sugestion

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PostSubject: silly story-line sugestion   Sat Jul 05, 2008 9:45 am

After some special hard-core match or some brick falling into his head, a wrestler gets a little crazy for a period and starts thinking he's some kind'a chef, a cooker of this fed. It could have his kitchen in the boiler room, and he can poison with his food some members of the staff, some wrestlers or their mistresses or pets. Not that he intended to do wrong or evil, but his cooking skills are just not quite as goos as he thinks.
All this charade could end with some special feud or some special match: a match held in the kitchen or in the boiler room, with proper fighting tools. The stipulations can be: the loser is forced to eat from the cooker's food or something like that... Very Happy
I thought it could be pretty cool:
the ring announcer: "The following contest is (match name...'the battle of tastes' match...)! There are no pinfalls, no submissions and no disqualification! The only way to win is to introduce into your opponent mouth some of your self-made food (something like 'I quit' match)
And don't worry about our wrestler's health, we have ambulances, just in case, to treat the wrestlers in any case of injuries, including food-poisoning."
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silly story-line sugestion
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