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 Friday July 25th Show Results

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Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam

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PostSubject: Friday July 25th Show Results   Wed Jul 23, 2008 9:39 am


Thai Joshua Vs. Spice Boy
winner, by pinfall, Thai Joshua Strickland!

Eddie Jericho Vs. The Devastator
winner, by pinfall, The Devastator!

The Bad Guy enters Uncle Sam's office

Da Black Skull Vs. The Great Idish
winner, by pinfall, Da Black Skull!

The note in Team Nike's locker room

DragonBall_F4n Vs. The Genius
The referee has called the match a draw due to interference!

Angel's Down

The Bad Guy Vs. Angel Gabriel
winner by pinfall, Angel Gabriel!

Spice Boy and Bubba plot

Crazy Canadian Vs. Hotstuff Hunter
winner, by pinfall, Hotstuff Hunter!

BTLS Vs. Kryptonite
The referee has declared this match a draw due to interference!

Cage Match: Rage Cage Vs. Aklaba
winner, Rage Cage!

A sad announcement (The SL Bus)

Cage Match: Captain InsaneToe Vs. The Rainbow Haired Warrior
Due to a double knock out, the referee has declared this match a draw!

HW Title Match: Cage Match: Sammy_D Vs. Tom "Terrible" Hanson
winner, and still Livin' on the Edge Heavyweight Champion, Sammy_D!
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Friday July 25th Show Results
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