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 Monday September 15 2008 Show Results (Season 5 Opener)

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Uncle Sam

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Wrestler name: Uncle Sam
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Face or Heel: Face, but becoming less willing to put up with garbage.

PostSubject: Monday September 15 2008 Show Results (Season 5 Opener)   Fri Sep 12, 2008 10:25 am

(F)Opening: Its a Union Thing

(F)Hardcore Title Match: The Genius Vs. Bubba the Love Sponge
winner, by submission, and new Hardcore Champion, The Genius!

(F)The Bad Guy has a "Genius" of an idea

(F)Shadow- The Lord of Pain Vs. Pigtaker
winner, by submission, The Pigtaker!

(F)The Pig Turns...

(F)Hades "The Master of Pain" Vs. Crazy Canadian
winner, by pinfall, Hades "The Master of Pain"!

(F)Headbanger and Hardware Harv choose their match type

(F)Captain InsaneToe Vs. Black Spirit
winner, by pinfall, Captain InsaneToe!

(F)Aklaba to the rescue?

(F)Hardcore Match: Headbanger Vs. Hardware Harv
The referee has declared this match a draw due to... fire?

(F)Uncle Sam and Sammy_D talk

(F)LotE Title Match: Blackmoon Vs. Rage Cage
winner, and still LotE champion, Rage Cage!

(F)Saalek issues a challenge to Sammy_D

(F)TDX Vs. Papa Flopz
winner, by pinfall, TDX!

(F)TDX makes his intentions known

(F)TTH Vs. Uncle Sam
winner, by disqualification, Uncle Sam!

(F)Union Hell

(F)HW Title Match: 3z Vs. BBG
winner, and still heavyweight champion, BIGbadGHOST!

(F)3z makes a statement

(F)Contract Match: Saalek Vs. Sammy_D
winner, by submission, Saalek!
**Sammy_D has lost his contract with Livin' on the Edge!

(F)The Shadow of the Union: A Dark Turn
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Monday September 15 2008 Show Results (Season 5 Opener)
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