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 here is a union idea

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PostSubject: here is a union idea   Tue Sep 23, 2008 3:28 pm

i`ve allready put something about the union on the RP forum but i thought i`ve better put something here also
i need Sam, Saalek and TtH`s aproval for this - so here goes gang

TtH and Saalek have a secret meeting where they plan on taking over the show
so they plan on sending Sam on to a "free trip"
3z beeing just the perfect guy lurking in the stadium from the shadow`s hear`s about this and "drop`s" a letter signed by TtH ( not realy his signature but who will know ? ) in BfG locker room
Sam pretend`s to go on the trip and let`s Saalek unfold his master plan:
"take over the show and unite all the belt`s under one wrestler"
( it could be him )
so in that night Saalek or whoever is going to get the belt`s strip`s me from it but with my aproval and then make`s sure that whoever got that belt get`s a shot at the other 2 belt`s ( that he will also get )
so he overrulles the match program ( that will be posted as a bogus ), distroying the union`s member chance at geting the title shot`s ( this should bring out the fact that veryone will loose a bit of confidence in the union )
at the end of the show Sam walk`s into the arena leaving Saalek surprised
Sam show`s the letter and Saalek is braking away from TtH
Sam also decides to strip the owner of the belt`s and give`s all the belt`s back to the owner`s ( this would be an also great thing as you could get the belt`s unified for one night )
after that 3z creates more chaos puting Saalek to rearange matches that the union member`s whould get that lead`s to a breach in the union - just the perfect time for it to get busted into a match set up by Sam - it should be Saalek against Hades ( why not ) and 3z get`s into the match uninvited and together with Hades take down Saalek and sign`s the faith of the union
TtH should rush in and help Saalek ... this should lead to a new stronger friendship between TtH and Saalek with the lost of the union
DC reborn`s after that ( could be in the same night, Hades could atack me with all of the DC and SL could come to the resque geting me back into the SL, or why not the BfG - i could use with a good guy image for a few show`s )
so the thing`s are back to the screwed up old self again Razz

i`l wait for your input guy`s
cheers bom cheers
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Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam

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PostSubject: Re: here is a union idea   Tue Sep 23, 2008 5:19 pm

Well, I have a different idea for the end of the union. It is anticlimactic, but I think it is sort of huge in the way it would go down. 3z, PM me if you want to know how it will end. The ones directly involved in this, and who can find out by PMing me are:

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PostSubject: Re: here is a union idea   Tue Sep 23, 2008 6:30 pm

i can bide my time i like to find out the outcome as it unfolds before knowing! if you require input from BBG just let me know as you know sam you can use free reign over my character as you see fit to
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PostSubject: Re: here is a union idea   

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here is a union idea
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