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 Mauna Loa Madness Show Results

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Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam

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PostSubject: Mauna Loa Madness Show Results   Wed Oct 08, 2008 6:36 pm


(F)PV Title Match: Tempest Vs. Chrome Dome
winner, by pinfall, and still Permanent Vacation Champion, Chrome Dome!

(F)Fatal Four Way Hardcore Title Match: BTLS Vs. The Bad Guy Vs. The Genius Vs. Angel Gabriel
winner, by pinfall, and still Hardcore Champion, Angel Gabriel!

(F)TLC Match: Tom "Terrible" Hanson Vs. Eix
winner, by pinfall, Eix!

(F)Last Blood Match: AminRa Vs. Muzza
your winner, AminRa!

(F)LotE Title Match: Hardware Harv Vs. The Devastator
winner, by pinfall, and new Livin' on the Edge Champion, Hardware Harv!

(F)Hades "The Master of Pain" Vs. Mongo
winner, by pinfall Mongo!

(F)Contract Match: Black Spirit Vs. Aklaba
your winner, Aklaba!

(F)Heavyweight Championship Match: BIGbadGHOST Vs. 3z
winner, by pinfall, and new Heavyweight Champion, BIGbadGHOST!

(F)Suspended Over the Volcano: Uncle Sam Vs. Saalek
your winner, by pinfall, Saalek!
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Mauna Loa Madness Show Results
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