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 PPV: NOVEMBER NIGHTMARE ..... Monday November 17, 2008

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PostSubject: PPV: NOVEMBER NIGHTMARE ..... Monday November 17, 2008   Mon Nov 17, 2008 11:37 am


Team Union Vs. Team LOtE Resistance
Winner.... Team UNION


Union = Red

LOtE - Blue

Elimination Order:

  1. Aklaba Eliminated by Eddie Jericho

  2. Eddie Jericho Eliminated by Angel Gabriel

  3. Angel Gabriel Eliminated by Headbanger

  4. Headbanger Eliminated by AminRa

  5. Muzza Eliminated by AminRa

  6. AminRa Eliminated by Eton

  7. Eton Eliminated by Mister Kennedy

  8. Mister Kennedy Eliminated by Hades

  9. TDX Eliminated by Hades

  10. Eix Eliminated by Saalek

  11. Hades Eliminated by TTH

  12. TTH Eliminated by Uncle Sam

  13. Wolfdog by Blackmoon

  14. Blackmoon by 3z

  15. Hardware Harv by Captain InsaneToe

  16. Captain InsaneToe by 3z

  17. 3z by Uncle Sam

  18. Uncle Sam by Saalek

** Please note that this will not count towards win/loss records due to the nature of this match type.
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PPV: NOVEMBER NIGHTMARE ..... Monday November 17, 2008
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