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 PPV: Revelations.. Monday February 09 2009 Show Results

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Wrestler name: Hades
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PostSubject: PPV: Revelations.. Monday February 09 2009 Show Results   Wed Feb 18, 2009 7:05 am

  1. GMoney VS Wayne Rooney
    winner, by pinfall, Wayne Rooney!

  2. HC TITLE MATCH: Ontario Mauler VS Mr Germany (c)
    winner, and still hardcore champion, Mr Germany!

  3. PV TITLE MATCH: Aklaba VS The Genius VS Justin Lightray VS eXisTenZ (c)
    winner, and still Permanent Vacation Champion, eXisTenZ!

  4. Lades Match: Headbanger VS Hardware Harv
    your winner, Hardware Harv!

  5. Eddie Jericho & Highwayman VS Hotstuff Hunter and Angel Gabriel
    winners, by pinfall, Hotstuff Hunter and Angel Gabriel, TEAM NIKE!

  6. LOTE TITLE MATCH: Captain InsaneToe VS Da Black Skull VS Tom "Terrible" Hanson VS Eton (c)
    your winner, and new Livin' on the Edge champion, Captain InsaneToe!

  7. HW TITLE MATCH: Uncle Sam VS Hades (c)
    your winner, by pinfall, and new Heavyweight Champion, Uncle Sam!

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PPV: Revelations.. Monday February 09 2009 Show Results
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