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 February Friday 26 2010 Results

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Wrestler name: Hades
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PostSubject: February Friday 26 2010 Results   Wed Mar 03, 2010 8:08 am

  1. Arnold "AK" Killenger III Vs. Mr. TBG
    your winner, Arnold "AK" Killenger III!

  2. billy1bob Vs. Justin Lightray
    your winner, by submission, Justin Lightray!

  3. GMoney76 Vs. Wayne Rooney
    The referee has declared this match to be a double count out!

  4. Eddie Jericho Vs. SHADOW- The Lord of Pain
    your winner, Eddie Jericho!

  5. Blackmoon Vs. Mongo
    your winner, by pinfall, Mongo!

  6. Captain InsaneToe Vs. Titus Pullo
    your winner, Titus Pullo!

  7. Squishy Vs. whosyourdady Uppertaker
    your winner, due to forfeit, Squishy!

  8. Uncle Sam Vs. Eix
    your winner, Uncle Sam!

  9. The Devastator Vs. Eton
    your winner, The Devastator!

  10. Hardware Harv Vs. Thomas "Mr Germany" Trent
    your winner, Thomas "Mr Germany" Trent!

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February Friday 26 2010 Results
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