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 March Monday 15 2010 CARD (SERVER ERROR) (PPV)

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PostSubject: March Monday 15 2010 CARD (SERVER ERROR) (PPV)   Mon Apr 19, 2010 11:34 am

Server Error on posting... unable to view card... Data Lost.

From Memory (From what I can recall)... key Moments.

Tempest/Hog Wild Vs TBG/Chris Tag Team Match, Tempest and hog Win but are beat down after... then are put into title matches.

DrunKnJSD debuts and wins two matches back to back... one against Vapor and one against Black Fenix.

Tag Team Titles:
Demolition (Hades/Humongus) Win Tag titles over #2 Team Hitcher/Untouchable

TV title:
Chris Retains the title with a Win over Hog Wild and help from Humongus.

Hardcore Title:
Humongus Regains Title from Ultimate Pikachu in their rematch.

Frank Jaegar and Hades wrestle to a Draw in their Last Ride match and need both teams and Security to separated them after the match... both men are bloody and angry.

Heavyweight Title:

Tempest manages to win his match against TBG even after Bad Omens tries to sway the odds... hammer Inc celebrate in the ring as Hades throws a tantrum.
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March Monday 15 2010 CARD (SERVER ERROR) (PPV)
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