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 May Monday 03 2010 PPV CARD

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Wrestler Information
Wrestler name: Hades
Wrestler Level: 12
Face or Heel: Heel

PostSubject: May Monday 03 2010 PPV CARD   Tue Apr 27, 2010 12:35 pm

  1. Harcore Match: Koza VS Vapor

  2. Hardcore Match: Night Child VS Cementhead

  3. Title Shot: Ladder Match: Avric VS Humongus (#1 Spot for HC Title)

  4. Last Blood: Hog Wild VS King of the Ring (Last time was a Draw, who will win now)

  5. HTV HC Title: Hardcore Match: UnclePay VS DrunKnJSD (c) (One Title and two undefeated records on the line)

  6. 2of3 Submission Match Frank Jaegar VS Hades (What was in the case? , who will tap last!!)

  7. I Quit Match: David Nitro VS Rey Liviu

  8. HTV TV Title: Last Blood: Mr. TBG VS The Hitcher (c) (TBG Gets his shot)

  9. Hardcore Match: Ultimate Pikachu VS X Master

  10. HTV HW Title: Steel Cage: Chris the Miz VS Tempest (c) (The kid steps up his game against his mentor)

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May Monday 03 2010 PPV CARD
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